Projects we have performed

The world of UAVs:

• Planning and producing a prototype

• Transition from development to production

• Planning and producing tools and molds

• Mass production of all the parts of the unmanned aircraft in platforms in different sizes

Antennas and Domes:

• Producing antennas

• Producing Domes

• Finishing and dyeing services

• Fitting raw materials to the electromagnetic needs of the products

Simulation and models:

• Custom-made products

• Products in every scale and in complete similarity to the origin

Constructional renovation:

• Constructional renovation of parts suffering from wear/constructional trauma (constructional blows, layer separation, color wear etc.).

Aerial systems:

• Production of components which are the basis of flying avionic systems

• Optimal utilization of the ratio strength to weight

Cameras and other Payloads:

• Maximal accuracy of the dimensions and minimization of the weight while preserving the maximal mechanical strength