Composite Materials

Definition: – two materials with different characteristics, that a combination between them gives a material with new characteristics, which are better than those of each of the materials separately.

Virtues and uses:

• The advantages of these materials over other materials (especially metals) are: low weight, extreme strength, heat stability, convenient design to almost any needed form and even esthetic outer look.

• Because of the above advantages these materials are more and more in use in the world today – from production of various aircrafts to vehicle parts, bicycles, ornaments, wind turbines, medical equipment etc.

• The field which has developed fastest and is expected to grow a lot more is the field of Aerospace and unmanned aircrafts (UAV), in the military market as well as in the civilian one.

• Another advantage in working with composite materials is the low cost of producing the molds (as compared to the plastic industry, which uses expensive metal molds). This fact enables a low-cost solution for production of small amounts of products.