The sky is no longer the limit,
it is now our infrastructure


Light & Strong will sustainably transform worldwide communications and civil,
commercial and military services by becoming a world leader in the solar-
powered high altitude long endurance UAV market.

SunSpark by Light & Strong

SunSpark is a solar powered lightweight UAV. Its rechargeable battery charges
during the day and powers flight at night. It’s immune to all weather, flying
above it at 65,000 ft, and can stay aloft for years.

SunSpark is energy-efficient, low-maintenance and cost-effective. From
communication to weather to surveillance, it can be used for a multitude of applications.

SunSpark 26 specifications:
  • Wingspan: 26m
  • Payload: 12 kg
  • Altitude: 65,000'


Light & Strong has engaged in full shell production of composite materials
solutions since its inception in 2007. To date, the aerospace industry has procured most of its sales; its
major clients include Elbit Systems, Rafael and Israel Aerospace Industries. The company meets
aeronautical standard AS9100C, ascribing to a high level of quality assurance, and exclusively
produces the complete fuselage and wings for the renowned Hermes 450 UAV.

Light & Strong is leveraging its core technologies and experience to design,
develop, manufacture and operate solar-powered high altitude long endurance
UAVs that will serve many industries.


Communications: With coverage over a 40km radius at a fraction of
traditional supplier costs, SunSpark can deliver internet and cellular service to the two thirds of the world
that remain disconnected.

Law Enorcement: With a high resolution infrared camera, SunSpark can provide affordable aerial support for law enforcement activities, including search and rescue, border patrol and fire control.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconaissance: SunSpark can be an invaluable military tool for precision targeting, long-term intelligence and beyond-line-of-sight communications, decreasing risks for soldiers.

Agricultural Monitoring: With high resolution infra-red photography, SunSpark can detect water and nutritional strains, land degradation and insect damage, saving water and chemical treatments.

Mapping and Weather: SunSpark can gather accurate aerial and atmospheric data of remote locations to create 3D maps for land management industries and ensure more accurate weather forecasts.


Our team has over 100 years of combined expert engineering experience in the aerospace industry, and includes some of the foremost engineers in the field of UAVs.

Yair Ramati


A senior executive in the aerospace industry.
His recent position in the Government: Israeli Missile Defense Director.

Uri Orbach


Orbach has over 15 years of executive experience in
the aeronautical defense market.

Shlomo Tsach

Lead Engineer

A global chief aerospace expert with over 44
years of experience, during which he spearheaded
firsthand most every UAV-related breakthrough.

Alon Tamir

Operational Expert

With over 28 years of experience with UAVs, Tamir is one of the most veteran professionals in the UAV field.


The sky is no longer the limit,
it is now our infrastructure

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